Denmark adopt bicycle culture early

Danish children learn to cycle at early age!
People wonder how come North countries cycle so much? They start early. Cycling culture is deeply integrated, for instance 45% of people who studies or work in Copenhagen cycles to their workplace or school. Source 😉

 Children are motivated to learn to ride a bike, especially in families where the adults use bicycles in their daily life. Personal transport habits are deeply-rooted from childhood. Every morning in Copenhagen, men in business suit, women in fashionable dress, and parents carrying their children in cargo bike all hop on their bikes and get off to work. They cycle 1,340,000 km everyday with 454 km of cycle lanes, and the busiest biking lane in the world is in the city as well, with 36,000 cyclists passing everyday. 63 % of  the parliament members commute daily by bike.

The list of good reasons for teaching children to cycle is long. Children who cycle on a daily basis have better physical fitness than other children, and are a lot less at risk of developing serious lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Cycling also has a positive effect on learning ability, joy of life and social well-being.

If we can cycle, we should cycle. Riding a bicycle is about getting back to basics. It’s good for the waistline and the wallet.