Best ‘Farm-to-Table’ Hotels and Restaurants in the World – part I

Organic kitchen garden of Farm-to-Table Restaurant @ Winvian Farm
The Executive Chef Chris Eddy in the organic kitchen garden of  Winvian Farm offers farm-to-table menus @ Morris in United States 😉

If you like to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends in health and wellness, you’re probably acutely aware of the move in the past few years towards food that is ethically sourced and organic. More and more people, encouraged by the greater consciousness of what we put into our bodies, are now choosing better—and more sustainable—food sources. All things organic are touted as being better for us, but how so? As with most claims about health, it’s a highly contentious issue, but whatever you may believe about organic food, there are some aspects of it that are hard to argue. The move away from harmful chemical pesticides in organic farming means that those toxins don’t seep into the soil, water sources, food and ultimately our bodies; organic food tends to come from local farmers which means the farming community is better supported; organic produce is seasonal (meaning that we are generally eating the freshest and best produce as well as what our bodies need during a certain season); and it helps us to better respect our own health as well as nature itself, allowing us to better protect the earth.

A challenge for many health-conscious travelers is figuring out how to maintain their healthy lifestyle and habits while abroad. If this resonates with you, then here are some incredible hotels with restaurants that offer phenomenal farm-to-table and organic dining options:

Located in the small town of St Bonnet-Le-Froid (which is approximately two hours from Lyon), the stunning restaurant  (a three-star Michelin restaurant) sources its fresh products from the local farms in the region and is famous for its variety of mushrooms and mushroom dishes on offer (especially in Autumn). The cold and moist weather in the region provides the perfect conditions for the growth of mushrooms with other star ingredients on the menu being lentils from Puy as well as local cheeses for cheese platters that will have you wanting more. There is also a spa and a cooking school on the property which makes it a fantastic place to escape to for the ultimate holiday in France.

This phenomenal hotel is the perfect place for those looking for the best produce around with their own organic farm on the premises, the herbs and vegetables of which are carefully selected for use in the four restaurants of the hotel. Whether you feel like indulging in gourmet dishes, fancy a meal on the beach or crave simple, yet mouthwatering dishes from their cliffside trattoria, there is something here for you. Famous guests include the top brass from Google, Emma Watson, Prince Harry and Elton John.

Gourmet’s from around the globe are drawn to the restaurant at the Winvian Farm thanks to the Executive Chef Chris Eddy, who is leading a culinary revolution with his seed-to-table philosophy. At this exquisite restaurant, guests are served sublime dishes, created using only the freshest, non-GMO ingredients which are harvested daily. Seasonal menus are created with care to add to the memorable, sophisticated and luxurious fine dining experience.

The majority of the ingredients used at this fabled restaurant are grown on the private estate itself in one of their three greenhouses or in their organic gardens (which span an impressive three acres). They also have their own hen house, root cellar, thriving fruit trees and apiary (where they get their honey) which all add to the exceptional dishes served at Winvian Farm. The flower arrangements throughout restaurant also all come from their very own flower and herb gardens, keeping the seed-to-table integrity with almost everything they do. Cooking classes and garden education is also offered here with the hopes of encouraging their sustainable and healthy philosophy to grow even bigger.

This phenomenal property in New Zealand is home to over 30 acres of orchards, vegetable gardens, nut trees and flowers each of which are used in their sensational seasonal dishes. The in-house restaurant takes it a step further by curing their own meats (anything from salami to sausages) and they include New Zealand lamb, farm-raised venison and local seafood in their menu. They also pair their dishes with some of the best local wines.

The impressive Ritz Carlton in Orland has an awe-inspiring 18,000 square foot Whisper Creek farm which is home to many of the ingredients that are used in the resort’s bars and restaurants. This incredible hotel also has a unique offering; a nano-brewery that creates its own homemade brews that are offered on tap and served at all of the resort’s outlets.

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