An eco-friendly boutique hotel in Vienna

Solar panel with lavender and rose garden
Awarded with the European eco-label and various other prizes. 130 sqm of solar panels are installed to provide sufficient hot water to the entire hotel. The hotel’s roof top is covered by lavender and roses. 🙂

The boutique hotel Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria has gone an extra miles in being green. Apart from providing energy with photovoltaic panels, ground water heat pump and wind turbine*. They planned to provide two power stations for guests to plug in their electric cars for free*. They aim to provide self-sufficient electricity. They renovated the guest rooms by utilizing the reused everyday objects. Firewood became coffee tables, books become night stands, and newspapers became footrests etc. Out of creativity.

The hotel provides outstanding breakfast buffet with organic selections and fresh products from local farmers. They also encourage and invite guests to participate in green actions. If you could receive 10% discount upon arrival if you did a long travel to Vienna by train, bike or any other eco-friendly way.

Ticati supports the hoteliers who are dedicated in green actions ! 😉