Hotels opening

Following feedback from hotels and governments, hotels will open as follows:

Hotels in Europe

For hotels in Sweden: OPEN (restaurants OPEN).

For hotels in Poland: OPEN.

Slovenia has re-OPENED their frontier.

For hotels in Belgium: OPEN (restaurants on June 8th).

For hotels in Italy: OPEN (from May 18 and June 1 in some regions, bars and restaurants will re-open). The frontier will be opened for all Europeans as of June 3rd.

For hotels in Germany: May 18th (for states like Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania while Bavaria will open on May 30th) – Restaurants 1 or 2 weeks before hotel openings.

For hotels in Switzerland: May 20th (restaurants will follow).

For hotels in the Netherlands: May 21st.

For hotels in Spain: May 24th. The frontier will be opened on July 1st.

For hotels in Austria: May 29th (restaurants on May 15th).

For hotels in France (including all overseas regions): June 2nd in green zones. Restaurants will open on the same date and touristic places on June 21st for the summer solstice.

Mont-Saint Michel has already opened all hotels on May 11th.

For hotels in Portugal: Mid June including beaches.

Cyprus will open their frontier on June 15th.

Greece will open their frontier on July 1st.

For hotels in the United Kingdom: July 4th.

For hotels in Ireland: July 20th (restaurants June 29th).

Restrictions in other parts of the world

Mauritius: June 1st (Most hotels will resume on July 1st).

Japan: June 1st.

Singapore: June 15th.

For hotels in the Middle East and Africa (Except Morocco, already opened): July 1st.

Maldives: July 15th.

Bali: September 1st.

United States by states: Hotels are opened in most states: The Wall Street Update

Caesars Entertainment: May 29th for all properties.

Disneyland Properties: July 1st.


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