Climate changes, a concern for all

Zoo animals beat the heat
A giraffe gets a cold shower in the zoo in Netherland. 😉

Pew Research Center conducted an international survey in advance of COP in Paris this December to measure perceptions of international challenges. The crucial conference, COP21, which aims to achieve a new international agreement on the climate to keep global warming below 2 Celsius.The survey has found that a majority of people in India, Philippines, Latin America and Africa expressed anxiety about climate change (around 75%), while European nations and the U.S. are significantly less worried (only 42%).

The devastating heat wave is hitting the planet. With the temperatures soaring as high as 39 Celsius in Paris this summer, the local authorities were worried that the heat could break the record highs in 2003 across France to be the hottest summer in 150 years. If the survey were conducted in summer, the results might be very different. In any case, while Parisians try to keep cool in various water spots, the zoo animals in Netherlands try to beat heat as well.

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