Hospitality industry is on the bike

Electric bikes at the Grand Hôtel Cannes: Hotel guests have free use of electric bikes, ideal for gentle explorations of Cannes and its surroundings 🙂

Over the past decade, bike sharing system is taking off around the world, which have been proven to be effective in managing urban traffic and reducing carbon footprint. By the end of 2015, bike-sharing systems were available in 2855 cities around the world. The hospitality industry follows the trend. Lots of hotels have hotel bicycle service at the counter for their guests, which is no doubt a great way to discover a new destination.  Kimpton Hotel Group offer free loaner bikes. Fairmont Hotels in Canada offer complimentary BMW Cruise Bikes for the members. Some of the Element Hotels features free bike service as well.

So hop on a bike, strap on your helmet.

Happy pedaling !


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