How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Eat local and seasonal food while traveling
Eat local and seasonal foods while traveling! 🙂

Traveling opens up new worlds. It allows you to expand your perspective, to learn about different cultures and interesting customs and ultimately, it gives you an opportunity to learn about yourself. Whether you travel for business or pleasure (or both), you are able to see exquisite places, meet new people and have extraordinary experiences in the most sublime settings—the memories of which are bound to last a lifetime. The one challenge many travelers face, however, is knowing how to maintain their healthy habits while “on the road”. And for those that like to live as green as possible, it’s also often difficult to know how to minimize your impact on the planet when you travel. If this resonates with you, then here are our top tips to keep you feeling your absolute best (on all levels) while traveling:

Choose your destination wisely

If you’re not traveling for business and the choice of destination is all yours, then focus on those that are either in the countryside or that are known to be eco-friendly. There are loads of eco-friendly and ethical travel destinations in the world, and there’s bound to be one that appeals to you. You could start with cities that have a big cycling culture (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Utrecht, Strasbourg, Seville, Bordeaux, Antwerp and Nantes come to mind). Or if you are really bent on being as green as possible, then check out which places are totally car-free such as Zermatt in Switzerland, Fes el-Bali in Morocco or Hydra, one of the many idyllic Greek islands. Picking destinations that already have greener practices will make your life on the road infinitely easier.

Eat clean

One of the best ways to ensure that you feel your best while traveling is to eat clean. Cut down on meat and animal products (especially if you’re heading to a country with questionable sanitary conditions around food), opt for restaurants that provide organic, seasonal and local food or those that offer vegetarian and vegan options. It might even be worth looking in the Michelin guide for a real treat. Not only will you be able to experience something extraordinary, but many of them offer seasonal, local dishes in gorgeous settings. Alternatively, head to the nearest trendy food market, where amazing, wholesome meals are typically served up in generous portions. Be mindful of what and where you eat and be sure to avoid any dishes with endangered species—be a part of the solution, not the problem.  

Take a walk

One of the ultimate ways to ensure that you both look and feel your best while on holiday is to exercise. Instead of taking over-priced cabs, cut down on your carbon footprint by cycling, walking, or for long distances, by using the public transport. Not only is it better for the environment and your health, you’ll be amazed at how much you notice and experience when you walk around a city instead of drive. You can also find other ways to stick to your exercise regime while on holiday. Take up yoga in Ubud, salsa in Cuba or gumboot dancing in South Africa—this way you’re able to couple an authentic experience with a great form of exercise.

Stick to a routine

One of the best things you can do for yourself while you travel is ensure that you get enough sleep. One way to make sure that you do this is to create, and stick to, a routine. Decide on a time to wake up, go to sleep, have breakfast and exercise and work the rest of your day around those times. Planning your healthy activities is one of the surefire ways to ensure that they happen.

Always have some snacks on hand

Whenever you travel, it’s crucial to keep some of your favorite snacks on hand. Nuts, dried fruit, seeds and cereal bars are some of the best items to keep on you while sightseeing and are the ideal “gap fillers”, perfect for when hunger strikes and you are miles away from any decent restaurant. It’s also absolutely crucial to carry water with you—ideally in a reusable water bottle to cut down on your plastic use. These are the types of items you should be able to find at most supermarkets wherever you travel. It’s also important to get your fill of fruits and vegetables while traveling, so find an organic store and stock up for a couple of days at a time.

Look after your skin

Keep a small tube of sunscreen on you at all times. It’s vital to protect your skin from both the sun and snow while you travel—there’s nothing worse than being caught off-guard with sunburn so bad you practically glow. There are loads of organic and natural sunscreen options out there, but make sure you have tested it on your skin before you reach your destination.

Choose a green hotel

One of the ultimate ways to live healthily and as green as you can is to book an eco-conscious hotel. Green hotels and earth-friendly practices are gaining momentum in the hospitality industry, with more and more hotels changings their ways. Many of them now use natural cleaning products, provide earth-friendly toiletries, are more aware of good air quality, use organic linens and provide organic and vegetarian options at breakfast, so it’s important to select your hotel wisely.

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