Plastic-free aisle in supermarket? Plastic less hotel!

“A Plastic Free Aisle” is an idea launched by an organization called A Plastic Planet to call on supermarket in the UK to create a plastic-free aisle. With the raise of environmental awareness, there are more and more people considering to avoid as much plastic in their daily shopping as they can, but just too hard to carry out. Yes, there are some stores featured no package but mostly they would be further than our reachable distance for daily shopping. If we could make a plastic-free aisle in every supermarket it will be just perfect.

But how can we still keep our faith when we are away from home? Can you imagine how much waste a guest can make during his or hers stay in a hotel? Is it really necessary to use all those disposable packaging?

This week we will introduce a hotel that try to be as eco-friendly as possible .


1 Hotel Central Park

The concept of eco-friendly is everywhere in this five-star hotel. From the building material to the room and restaurant even their car rent service.


Guests will be surrounded by natural and reclaimed material from local once they enter the hotel. And in the room, organic cotton sheet is waiting. Combining luxury and sustainability, the hotel try to recycle as much as they can. Less waste, less paper, less plastic, but more of everything! Lobby farmstand, in-room camping, for pets and business an so on. Let’s stop here, discover 1 Hotel Central Park yourself.

Keep the faith and save the earth, anytime, anywhere!