Where do all these plastic go?


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We can all take action 😉 ! 98 percent of the problem lies with individuals that lack pride in their city or neighborhood.

The plastic brings convenience, but create numerous hazards to environment, animal life, and human health. Each year, the world produces 100 billion kilograms of plastic, about 10 percent ends up in the ocean. Seventy percent of that eventually sinks, damaging life on the ocean floor. The rest floats on the water. Plastic constitutes 90 percent of all trash floating in the world’s oceans. We find plastic in every species of fish we examine and it has caused the death of countless fish, seabirds, turtles, and ocean mammals. Part of the plastic waste enter in our food chain.

To tackle the serious case of the damaging phenomena, the best is to reducing the overall consumption of the plastic in daily life. Every little action counts, refuse whenever possible, bring your own shopping bags, choose biodegradable plastic bags where possible.