Jordan rich in history poor in resources

The seven wonders of the world in Petra, the primeval desert of Wadi Rum, and the mysteries Bedouin tribes all make Jordan rich in history.

Jordan is a country rich in archaeology, culture, history and food. Travelers will experience this unique country with its busy city of Amman, the primeval desert of Wadi Rum, the stark but beautiful Dead Sea, the mysteries of Petra and the Red Sea in Aqaba. However, the hotels and resorts located in Jordan where the country is limited in natural resources, face lots of challenges.

Jordan is considered as one of the ten most water scarce countries in the world. Mövenpick Resorts in Jordan, all Green Globe certified (Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea with the best Green Globe for the Middle East), have installed the water saving devices in all guestroom showers as well as restroom in public areas, which leads to a huge saving in water consumption. It also addressed the challenge of water scarcity with its unique ‘backwash process’, which re-uses the water of the swimming pools and Jacuzzi for irrigation. Besides, the hotels have taken advantage of the country’s bountiful solar by installing the environment-friendly solar systems for heating and the transportation. With all these efforts, the water consumption at Mövenpick Resorts in Jordan declined by 17 percent from last year, electricity consumption dropped by 2 percent and fuel consumption went down by 15 percent.

Tourism is one of the dominating industry in Jordan, which accounts for 15% of its global GDP. On the other hand, it’s estimated that the Dead Sea could dry up completely by 2050. With all these challenges, the country might probably need to find a better balance between the economic development and the natural resource protection in near future.