Forest Man, he simply made wonders!


Jadav Molai Payeng, 50, is responsible for the production of huge quantities of oxygen, and providing habitat to many wildlife animals at the same time:). This man treats the trees and animals like his own children.



Jadav Molai Payeng decided to plant the tree at the age of 16 in 1979, in order to save the land and its wildlife from completely disappearing. In the beginning, he failed to plant trees on the sand dune. With other’s, he started with bamboo. Everyday, he gets up at 3 am to take care of his cows and pigs, then takes care of the forest. He plants saplings and picks up the fallen fruit from the mature plants to extract the seeds for sowing later.

“It’s not enough just to plant, you have to take care of the first shoots until they are strong enough. Then nature will take over.” Planting trees has gotten easier over recent years because his forest has provided him with more seeds to plants, as well, plants flower, seeds are dispersed by the wind or birds and then produce new plants.

The greatest difficulty is dealing with other humans to protect the forest. Despite everything, the world would have never known his story without Jitu Kalita, the wildlife photographer and freelance journalist. Filmmaker William Douglas McMaster’s documentary ‘Forest Man‘, celebrates the life and work of Jadav Payeng in the Molai forest.

Individually, we should not underestimate the power of what one person can do! 😉 At TiCATi, we believe in the power of good people: all together, let’s make this planet green again.