Hotel staffed by robot opens in Japan


You could be checked-in by robot staff in Henna Hotel at Nagasaki in Japan. You could be served by a dinosaur staff as well 😉

The Henna Hotel (Weird Hotel) is set to open in Japan this summer. This hotel is staffed by robots who provide a wide range of service, such as room cleaning, front desk and porter services,  meaning you could be checked-in and checked-out by the multi-lingual robots. Facial recognition technology allows guests to enter their room without hassle of carry around a hotel key. From the lobby to the room, that’s an automated trolley taking luggage. Initially, the hotel will have 10 robot staff members.  In the future, the hotel target to have more than 90 percent of hotel services operated by robot staffs.

Equipped with all the high-tech features, the hotel is partly powered by solar panels.