Plastic Free Hotels

The Hotel Opéra Liège, in Paris, has become the first zero single-use plastic hotel in France. In association with Racing For The Oceans, a company dedicated to assit companies ending plastic use, all plastic packaging have been replaced with sustainable alternatives.

The hotel has eliminated, among many other things, the following plastic-made packaging comprising 24000 plastic bottles, 55000 cosmetics packaging and 16000 plastic bags.

Clé chambre noisetier (C) Racing for the oceans
Hotel Opéra Liège’s 48 rooms no longer feature any single-use plastic, starting with the wooden key cards used to access the rooms.

Eco-friendly amenities include laundry bags, slippers and bin bags made from bamboo, plastic-free minibar products, water fountains to refill glass bottles and paper Nespresso capsules. The biodegradable coffee capsules in Hotel Opéra Liège are compatible with Nespresso machines already installed in the room.

Rather than having three separate bottles for shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, the Hotel Opéra Liège now provide a three-in-one solid soap-like bar.

Brosse à dents bambou + dentifrice solide (C) Racing for the oceans
Hotel Opéra Liège’s guests are supplied with a bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste in a lozenge form.
Hotel Opéra Liège’s bar and breakfast room no longer serve products packaged in plastic.

Oceans plastic nano particules endanger all our ecosystems and many species including humans.

Accor Hotels, has already committed to remove all single-use plastic items from its guest experience, at all hotels globally, by 2022. Non-plastic alternatives will be proposed for each item, considering Life Cycle Assessments to ensure better environmental performance for the solution proposed to Accor hotels.

Hopefully all hotels will follow soon…


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